Picking the perfect flower to send to your special someone

You’ve just gotten off the phone with your significant other. Maybe you’re long distance, maybe you’re at work or maybe you have previous obligations, but for whatever reason you are unable to spend time with them when you wish you could be there.

You still want to show them you care, though, so you look up the info for gift flowers boston ma to decide on small bouquet to be delivered to them. You’re feeling really good about this decision until the moment of truth: “What kind of flowers would you like to send?”. You want to come off as thoughtful, so having the florist decide for you is out of the question. How do you choose?

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There are many ways to come off as thoughtful, even if you don’t know their favorite flower. If you happen to know your significant other’s first or middle name is the same as a flower, you could send those flowers to let them know “Hey, I’m thinking about you”. 

What is your significant other’s favorite color? Or, if you don’t know their favorite color, what are the colors of their apartment, house, room etc. By choosing flowers that you know will both compliment and brighten their living space, you are showing your special someone that they are on your mind.

What scents does your significant other enjoy? That is, what kind of candles, perfumes, air fresheners, etc. does your significant other have lying around their house or car? If you order flowers that have a similar or complimentary scent to these, it will show that special someone that you pay attention to the little things, even when they may not think that you do.

No matter what you decide to send, a bouquet of bright, cheery fresh flowers specially chosen by you is sure to put a smile on your significant other’s face, no matter what the occasion.